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Best Fishing Lures To Catch More Bass This Summer

Summers are the perfect time for the bass fishing but what lures you should use to catch more bass? Find the right summer bass lures and tactics to increase your bass fishing fun this summers.

As the summer months approach, air and water temperatures around the country begin to warm. Summers brings the warmest water temperatures of the year which ultimately means more active-active bass but still, you need to have right bass lure if you really wish to catch that bass in real time.

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Choosing the best lures for summers is heavily depends on changing water temperature. As the season changes and temperature increase, you can find the bass on topwater. When bass finds the comfortable water temps in the lake, they become typically easy to fish.

Here are the certain lures that are better suited for targeting these summer bass:

1. Crankbaits

If you’re planning for top water fishing then crankbaits are perfect shallow diving lures that can help you catch bass more easily. The crankbaits can be used along the shorelines in about one to four feet of water. Deflect them off the cover, the bottom and other structure.

2. Big Poppers

Normal sized poppers are going to catch a lot of fish in the summers but simply increasing the size of your popper you can often find yourself catching better quality fish. These lures seem to be best when the bass are coming off the spawn and begin to set up on secondary points.

3. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits attract and catch bass in a unique style than any other bass lure. Initially, they may look like an effective lure but there is really nothing natural looking about them.

4. Buzzbaits

Cat buzz baits in shallow waters are like lily pads patches and timber. Run them in open water and get an immediate strike on the first cast. Buzzbaits are easy to carry and simple to move as it looks like a real small bass.

5. Rubber Worms

Rubber worms are not a power fishing lure by any means but worms are very effective year round. If you are targeting to get fast bites then try casting a worm at it before you change the location.

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