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Basic Pressure Cleaner’s FAQs For Ultimate Power Washing

A pressure washer is an outstanding power tool that makes your cleaning far easier and simpler. By using a high-pressure spray of water you can effectively clean a surface in real time even without getting too much tired. Generally, you will find two types of washers, a gasoline engine or electric motor drives a pump, which is supplied by your home’s water supply. The high-pressure cleaning sprays are specially designed for powerful cleaning tasks. You can use it on concrete to remove years old mold and mildew, gums, dust or such tough stains. Furthermore, these pressure washers can make your wooden decks look new.

Jet-USA 8HP 4800PSI High Pressure Petrol Pressure Washer CX660
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So get your outdoor cleaning projects back on track in no time with this FAQs:

Is there are any different from using hot water pressure washers over cold water cleaners?

While choosing a pressure washer, your application plays a major factor in whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer. When you need to remove heavy dirt from any surface then most probably a cold water pressure washers are ideal for your task. In addition to this, the accessories like high-pressure nozzles or rotating brushes along with cold water pressure washers will increase the cleaning power and reduce the cleaning time.

In case you are going to clean the surface stained heavily with grease or oil, hot water is a must. You wouldn’t think of washing your greasy hands with cold water and the same applies to the pressure washing.

What type of pressure washer should you choose?

Belt drive pressure washers are the most commonly found on commercial and industrial style pressure washers. Whereas direct drive units are ideal for basic applications. Actually, the direct drive units turn about twice the RPM as a belt driven unit. Direct drive washers are usually more compact in size and easy to use on your patio.

Should You Buy Gas Powered or Electric Powered Pressure Washers?

Gas or electric is completely up to the consumer as every model as their own pros and cons. Electric pressure washers are safe to use indoors because you don’t have harmful fumes. Also, electric motors are quitters and require less maintenance than gas models.

Where is the best place to store your pressure washer?

Always store your pressure washer in a clean, dry place that is well ventilated away from open flames or sparks. If you plan to store your pressure washer in a shed or unheated garage, be sure to winterize before the first frost.

These are the few basic FAQs that help you use pressure washers in a better way.

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