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7 Reasons to Choose Fleet Management Software Solutions

In the current scenario of industrialization, almost all of them require fleet management solutions for the proper functioning of their business. The software, however, helps you to monitor and handle all business areas, which would ultimately help to save thousands of bucks and at the same time, deliver the best quality service to the customers.

1. Handle Transportation Services: Fleet Management software solutions allow you to track and manage all of your transportation systems. This is quite important for preventative maintenance and in knowing when certain equipment needs to be replaced. And the best part is that the fleet management software solutions will track repair history, the cost per mile, vehicle replacement and procurement, and previous inspections.

In addition, this will also automatically track license and insurance information, warranty information, past work orders, manufacturer reports, vehicle usage, customer billing, etc,

2. Inventory Parts: Secondly, fleet management software has modules in place that helps to track and manage all stuff in an inventory. The software helps to allow for automatic and manual re-ordering and the ability to track order history, vendors, and equipment usage.

3. Work Orders: Needless to say, it is one of the great ways that help you stay organized and deliver excellent customer service. The software helps you provide templates for work orders, PO tracking, tracking of warranty on particular orders, and document-free inspections.

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4. Purchase orders: With the help of software, you can easily maintain and purchase orders in an effective manner with an information on invoice returns through account numbers.

5. Management of Tyres: One of the important aspects of a logistics industry is to maintain a healthy fleet. The software will help you track the performance of the tyre, cost per mile, tread pattern, purchasing information, etc. Furthermore, it will also help in tracking leasing and warranties and at the same time, providing the most crucial information such as failure analysis reports.

6. Security: There is no denying the fact that security is one of the most important aspects that most owners are getting aware of. It is advisable to protect customer information and sensitive data. And this is where fleet management solutions come in. The software has a password encryption, multi-level data mechanism, and other options that limit user access to a great extent.

7. Fuel Management: It has been observed that fuel is one of the largest expenses in maintaining your fleet. Managing your transactions, costs, and fuel usage will help your business to save a huge amount every year. The fleet software help to track fuel costs that would ultimately help you evaluate best practices.

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