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6 Important Things You Should Know for Building a Log Home

A lot of people might consider a log home to be a hunting lodge or lots of wood for one home, but as far as the modern log house is concerned, it itself is a strong statement in green, eco-friendly, clean and hand-crafted building work.

Tips to Know for Building a Log Home
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Want to build your own log home? Here are six important things that you should know:

1.No Limits

A tree can grow so big, may be more than you could possibly imagine, but it does mean that it puts a restriction on the home size you can go for. The fact is that there is no limit to size, shape as well as design when it comes to building a log home. Logs can extend much bigger distances and the design features are open in a proper manner for log construction.

2.Super Tough

Well, we will not recommend you do this, but you can test all by yourself on finding out how tough a log is. It’s important for you to know that the basic character of the log part of the dwelling is too strong. If you drive your car into it, nothing is going to happen to the log.

3.Take the Cold

One of the main reasons why so many individuals are expressing their concerns for building these log homes in a very cold area is because of their excellent covering values of the thick logs used. The logs used in building a home are extremely thick. These log homes provide very good insulation.

4.No Woody

Many people may be living with a perception that the all-wood homes that were are built entirely out of wood. But the fact remained true that are not.

5.More Than a Wall

When you’re placing logs together for creating a wall, you are getting much more you possibly think. A log wall is a foot thick same to the 4”*2” wall. The log is the inside lining, outside lining, framing as well as insulation – everything in one.

6.Hands-on Handcrafting

Do you know that you can build a log home on your own? The Log Builders’ Association conducts a course each summer that teaches people how to go about building your own log home, but many people don’t understand how amazing their log homes are going to be.

Those massive logs making up the outer walls cannot help one but remind that they were once trees when a look is taken at them by someone who understands the true value of logs. Its amazing wood scent continues to charm people.


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