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5 Top Youngest Korean Pop Singers Who Born With Amazing Voice

Are you a fan of Kpop music? Want to explore more about the most leading Korean stars? Today in this blog, we are going to share a list of singers who have a trademark sound.

These are the people where even if you have never heard the song before, you instantly recognize it as theirs. This is not a list most popular Korean young singers, just the ones with a unique singing voice. So if you are thinking of placing your votes based on how much you like their songs, how well they sing, their octave range or whether or not you think they are attractive, you are doing it wrong.

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Let’s have a look at the most popular young Korean pop singers whose voice will directly touch your heart:

1. Kim Bum Soo

Kim Bum Soo is one of the most famous Korean R&B and soul singer who is famous for his most heart-touching and innocent voice. He is noted for the song “bo go shipda”, the title of which means “I miss you” in the English language. He is the first Korean artists who have actually make a mark on the north American music charts with his most popular debut ” Hello Goodbye Hello”.

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2. Younha

She is born on April 29, 1988, in Seoul South Korea and became one of the most popular Korean female singers. She is a famous Korean pop singer who first rose to fame in japan and continues to have success today in both countries. She made her debut as an artist at the young age of sixteen and also released eight singles.

3. Huk Gak

Huk Gak was born on Nov 15, 1984, and become a Korean singer after winning the Mnet talent competition series ” Superstar k2″ under a Cube entertainment. He is known as ” The man who turned the tables” and the South Korean Paul Potts.

4. Lim Jeong-Hee

She is a South Korean R&B and pop artist that debuted in 2005 under JYP Entertainment. One of her Notable performances in 2005 was the 5th pattaya Music Festival in Thailand. In fact, she is more famous on the street music scene than on television or the radio.

5. Byul

Byul is also an amazing female Korean pop singer who has revealed her first album on 2002, entitled December 32nd, making her debut in the entertainment industry.

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