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5 Surprising Facts About BTS You May Never Know

Are you a big fan of Bangtan boys who is also known as BTS? Do you want to know more about this leading Korean Group? If yes, then have a look at these surprising facts that you may never heard about them.











Before jumping to their surprising facts, do you know BTS is actually the short form of Bulletproof Boy Scouts, which has gain immense popularity in just a short span of time. They are also known as Bangtan Boys who have not only earned a name in this music industry but also releases wonderful Korean music albums that you will always resound in your ears. This seven member boy band has won over 300 million votes, beating the record of most popular singers including Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendez, and Ariana Grande. There must be something unique and passionate about the BTS that actually drive their fans crazy about them.
Let’s have a look at these surprising facts:
1. It’s a Multilingual Group
Undoubtedly, this seven boys band group has most talented boys in their group. The well known Rap Monster is fluent in English because he taught himself, but do you know that he is equally good in the Japanese language? All of these boys compliments each other when it comes to the great compositions. Like J-Hope and V, both are said to be learning Mandarin, and so on.
2. They Can Fit Any Concept
K-pop is known for introducing new yet innovative concepts and BTS has had their own style to share. Everything from bad boy to school boy, they manage to pull off any concept their stylists throw at them. They adorably fit into any style and concept.
3. They are all Rounders
Each artist has their own style and unique personality that really brings this group to life. From aegyo to composing music and writing raps, BTS has all the things.
4. They Write Their Own Stuff
Being so talented and skilled, they write their own songs. J-Hope, Rap Monster, and Suga, all have participated in the writing and composing of songs for various releases.
5. They Are So Charming
Honestly, all the boys are adorable and superbly talented. That are the reasons they won highest votes from their fan.
You may be a die heart fan of Bangta Boys but these are the few facts that everyone may not know about these BTS.

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