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3 Best Ways to Illuminate Your Living Area in a Budget

Enhance Your Living With Amazing lighting and Other Simple Decorative Tips

Along with the beautiful arrangement of your living furniture, lighting also plays an important role to overall enhance the beauty of your home. You may find various LED spot lights or other decorative wall pieces but how you can organized them is more important so they deliver the balanced look in your living room. For example, small living room with heavy chandeliers will make your room look over occupied and messy. So here are the 3 excellent ways to brighten your living room.

Best Ways to Illuminate Your Living Area
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List of things that you can try to make your area look brighter and beautiful:

1. It’s Time To Replace Your Heavy Lamps With Spot LEDs

Let’s start with the replacements of the lamps you have at home and highlight your wall features with smart spot LEDs. Feature you center wall with unique spot LED along with your master art piece which simply caters WOW factor to your room.

2. You can Go With Paper Lanterns

They are not only easy to make but also a wonderful option to add a personal touch to your room interior. Simply use tissue paper or crepe paper and either cut out a shape or draw the shadow of an animal or object and support it with a bending wire to give them a proper cylindrical shape. Drop in a LED bulb and see how these patterns playing on the wall.

3. Give Your Room A Retro look

Dig out your old lamps that your grandparents used. Dust them off and use them to give your home a retro look. You can hang them in the corner of the room and replace that old conventional light with colorful LED bulbs to create amazing ambiance in your room.

Hopefully, these budget friendly ways will help you to give an instant makeover to the corners of your living room. All these lighting options are easy and simple to use to bring a fresh look in your room.

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