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15 Reasons Why Kpop is More Interesting than American Pop?

Do you love listening Kpop music over American pop music? But don’t know why? Here are the 15 great reasons that actually explains to you why Kpop is more popular and interesting than American pop music.

Both American and Kpop music are very different. American pop is much more diverse than Korean pop music whereas Kpop is like a Korean version of pop music that actually include heart touching composition, loud music, and amazing beats. Kpop fans actually worship their ideas and follow them madly but with American pop, there is nothing like that.

15 Reasons Why Kpop is More Interesting than American Pop
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Let’s find why Kpop is far better than an American Pop?

1. Do you think that American pop is so catchy? If yes, then this means you haven’t listened to Kpop yet. Kpop music is not only catchy but also affect your mood.

2. What About Videos? Do you really find American Videos Interesting? I think Kpop videos are composed with high-drama and include so many colors in their clips.

3. Some Korean pop music videos are really outstanding that can be watch again and again, but none of the American pop videos are so interesting.

4. Kpop boys bands are equally stylish and appealing as often as girls Kpop groups.

5. Kpop artists use most appealing and amazing consumes in their videos that you have ever seen in your life.

6. No American Pop ideal can beat the makeup and trendy hairstyles of the Korean pop ideals.

7. Kpop idols are the real fashionistas who introduces latest trends and fashion in the market.

8. Korean young artist always presents themselves as gender neutral, which is completely cool.

9. Boys groups also wear highly fashionable clothes and look as amazing as like popular Korean girls.

10. All Korean artists are super duper dreamy.

11. The Korean music actually adopts the unique fusion of western and eastern style.

12. Troublemaking and badassery are the biggest themes in Kpop girl group video.

13. Kpop has some of the world’s best dancers for their music album composition.

14. Kpop knows how to put the Wow elements in their music videos.

15. Kpop is like sweet, neon-bring and sugar pop perfection.

All these are the few great things about the Kpop music that actually make this Korean music better than the American music.

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